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Career Guidance Councellors

What is a Career Guidance and Counselling Program?

It is a comprehensive, developmental program designed to assist individuals in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices. A career guidance and counseling program develops an individual’s competencies in self-knowledge, educational and occupational exploration, and career planning.

How we can assist:

  • Subject Choice and Career Guidance: Grade 9
    FET subjects choices made upon self-analysis and exposure to suitable career fields.
  • Study & Careers Guidance: Grade 12.
    Essential information for township and rural learners who often lack knowledge about the world outside of their residential areas, and the variety of available study, training and employment opportunities – advice, guidance and relevant documentation on the range of full- or part time study, learnerships, apprenticeships, job opportunities, application procedures etc.

Who Benefits from Career Guidance and Counselling Programs?
Everyone benefits–youth and adults, male and female, disabled, disadvantaged, minorities, limited English proficient, incarcerated, teachers, administrators and parents.

What Is Our Focus?
Our primary engagement is with management and delivery of curriculum and overall school management and governance.

Particular focus is on the areas of literacy and numeracy at the Foundation and Intermediate Phases. We also offer support for Maths, Physical Science and English teaching and learning at Senior Phase and Further Education Training levels of schooling.

More Services

Leaner Support

How we can assist:

    Post-School Career Guidance
  • Funda Afrika has in progress this new venture which is based on the information deficits regarding the world of employment and further study among township and rural schools in partnership with funders and respective departments of Education.
  • The programme supports many South African learners in discovering their individual suited spaces in the vast world of work and further study opportunities in the country.

Subject Support in Primary Schools

  • Improved teaching and learner performance in Maths in Intermediate Phase classes in primary schools, as demonstrated by school literacy programmes.
  • Laying of sound foundations for Senior Phase learning.
Teacher Support

How we can assist:

Teacher Training Programme

  • Support and Professional Development of Grade 12 Teachers in Maths, Physical Science and Accounting, in response to past inadequate teacher education, pressures on current teachers and the potential of dedicated individuals.

IT Provision and Teacher Training

  • Delivery of Compujectors to deserving primary schools and High Schools.
  • Training of Staff and Monitoring of Implementation.

Whole School Development Training

  • Classroom management and discipline, a programme designed for new or educators struggling with discipline.

Principals Workshop

  • Programme works in conjunction with the department of education and the principals.
  • Meant to improve the schools and achieve great relationships amongst principals, educators and learners.
Study Tips

Although effective study skills strategies are critical for academic success, for many reasons students are seldom taught them. Perhaps chief among these reasons is simply that teachers assume students already possess such skills, having picked them up in the earlier grades. For this reason, study skills instruction improves the academic outcomes of all students, especially those with LD and ADHD.

How we can assist:

  • Help learners identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Teaching of effective time management.
  • Learner Motivation.
  • helping learners plan and schedule their work effectively.
  • Assisting learners in sourcing support materials related to their subjects of study such as blogs or forums.
School Leadership

How we can assist:

  • SGB & SMT Support

    Improved effectiveness of School Management Teams (SMTs) – effective planning, time tabling, learner progress control, infrastructure and finance management, teacher performance and learner discipline control.

  • Regular and mutually beneficial communication with provincial education department officials.
  • Monthly feedback and comprehensive quarterly reports to funders and departmental partners.
  • Provision of ongoing facilitation and support from Funda Afrika for funders’ Employees Volunteering Programmes (EVPs).
Curriculum Support

Our School Transformation and Empowerment (STEP) projects cover the following:

  • Support and Professional Development of Grade 12 Teachers in Maths, Physical Science and Accounting, in response to past inadequate teacher education, pressures on current teachers and the potential of dedicated individuals. Primary Maths and English Teacher Support in the Foundation and Intermediate Phases: strengthening essential foundations in crucial periods of children’s development and learning, including teacher support in preparation for Annual National Assessments (ANAS)
  • Enriched tuition in Maths, Physics and Accounting for learners in Grade 12: response to S A’s skills needs and latent learner potential – demystification of ‘difficult’ subjects.

    Aim: to continue upward trajectory of project schools’ Grade 12 results and increase in number of bachelors passes.

IT in Classrooms

IT Provision and Teacher Training:

  • Delivery of Compujectors to deserving primary project schools.
  • Training of Staff and Monitoring of Implementation.
Incentive Grants

How we can assist:

    Donations to schools on condition of me deliverables and targets.
Greening and Recycling

Funda Afrika encourages schools to make an effort in understanding their environment and what can be done to preserve it. The initiative entails planting of trees and education on which products are recyclable and compostable.

When approaching the analysis with an open mind, it becomes clear: greening schools might be the most cost-effective path toward improving school performance. In fact, it might be the only educational achievement enhancing path that is also “profitable” due to energy and operational cost benefits even without considering the secondary job creation, student/teacher health and tertiary benefits.

Each aspect relates to a Green School goal:

  • Learners and Children.
  • Parents.
  • Volunteers.
  • Partners.
  • Suppliers.
  • Neighbours.
  • School board trustees.
  • Green School advisors or mentor.

career guidance

career guidance

career guidance

– Primary Engagement

– Integrated Delivery Models

– Project Management

– Team Building

– Learner placement for SETAs

– Literacy and Numeracy Support

– Delivery Of Curriculums

– Special Learning Needs Provision

– Computer Literacy

– Development of Analytical Tools For Gauging School and Leaner Performance

– Homework Support

– Overall School Management

– High School Maths and Science Support

– Leadership Programmes For Learners

– Conducting Baseline & Feasibility Studies